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Tenerife Wedding Planners

Established business in Tenerife for over 25 years

Many couples dream of a destination wedding or event in Tenerife but worry about the logistics of planning it in another country as there are many things to take into consideration. The thought of planning a big special event far from home can be a bit daunting and it is ideal to have the planners close to your venue and local approved suppliers.

We are professionals who will assist and support you with the overall design, planning and management of your wedding. We´ll help you bring your vision to life and if you don’t have one, we´ll be able to work with you and create one for you!

We have connections with and work with the most trusted professional hotels, venues and suppliers here in Tenerife.  We speak the local language when it is required.   We can recommend the hotels, venues and suppliers that are the right fit for you and your budget and save you a considerable amount of money and time.

Hiring us is like having your very own PA´s. You can have us help you as much as you want, whether it’s for a consultation, budget planning, a small wedding for a few or our full planning packages. We offer a range of tailored and bespoke services to suit you, such as:

  • Full wedding planingn – we organise and ensure every detail of your wedding is carefully planned and executed
  • Partial wedding planning – you have organised some of the main elements of your wedding yourselves, but you need our help with some of the final elements
  • On-the-day management – provide support on the wedding day itself
  • Other packages for smaller events

Use our knowledge of Tenerife to your advantage and we will serve as your personal directory of recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions and seek our advice. The peace of mind that comes with using us can make your wedding that much more memorable.
“This is a magical and wonderful time in your life, make it enjoyable, happy and stress free!”

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