Terms & Conditions

“Tenerife Wedding Planners”

Means the company known as Tenerife Wedding Planners and all those who work for and are employed, paid or unpaid, by Tenerife Wedding Planners.

“The Client”

The person/couple booking the services of Tenerife Wedding Planners and whose name is featured on the contract agreement. By booking the services of Tenerife Wedding Planners you, the Client, agree to the following Terms and Conditions.


You, the Client, agree that all services will be paid for in full prior to the event date as requested in your contract agreement.

Your deposit must be paid within 2 weeks of booking and subsequent part payments may be required for some packages. If payment is not received by the requested date(s) Tenerife Wedding Planners reserves the rights to cease all work for and on behalf of you, the Client, without notice and any outstanding monies will be pursued as necessary.

Tenerife Wedding Planners will not take on or book any service without consulting and having a signed full contractual agreement by email between Tenerife Wedding Planners and you, the Client.

Any information, monies, contact details or booking arrangements will remain secure and confidential and Tenerife Wedding Planners do not share information of any sort with any other person or company without the Clients written consent.

Tenerife Wedding Planners commit to offering a friendly, professional, and thorough service and endeavour to always provide a consistently excellent standard of work.

The advice and guidance we offer is part of the service you pay for however it is the Client’s choice to decide whether this advice and guidance is taken and used in any way. The Client is under no obligation to use or follow the advice offered.

Tenerife Wedding Planners does not accept any liability for any failings of a third party or any cost arising to the Client. Tenerife Wedding Planners will give its best endeavours including high involvement to ensure the best service from third parties is given at all times.

Tenerife Wedding Planners will not be responsible or liable in any way for any third-party service or goods. Any booking that takes place between the Client and service provider, person or company is between the Client and that provider, regardless of any involvement Tenerife Wedding Planners may have with the organisation of this booking.

Payment for any services booked, either by the Client directly or through Tenerife Wedding Planners will be entirely the Clients responsibility and Tenerife Wedding Planners will not be liable for any non-payment of fees or invoices, these will always remain the Clients responsibility.

“Cancellation Policy”

In the event of cancellation by the Client, we follow these strict rules for every booking:

Cancellation within 2 weeks after the payment date of the deposit, a refund of the deposit will be given minus an administration charge of 150 euros.
Any cancellation prior to 6 months before the wedding / event date and after 2 weeks following the payment date of the deposit, a client may cancel their booking however no monies already paid will be refunded. No further payments will be due providing all reasonable expenses have been covered. Any monies paid out by Tenerife Wedding Planners on behalf of the client to a venue and / or supplier(s) has been recovered.
Any cancellations made within 6 months prior to the wedding / event date will be subject to 100% of the remaining balance being paid. If we have been instructed to work on your behalf, we reserve the right to recover expenses and out of pocket costs. If the date is re-booked for the same or increased fee, in which case a refund may be offered, subject to discretion.

As cancellation by the Client could result in losing money, we advise to take out Wedding Insurance for your destination wedding in your home country.

Tenerife Wedding Planners reserves the rights to cancel Client’s bookings and cease working at any stage if we deem it is necessary. A refund may be applicable in such cases. Any refunds will be discretionary and subject to costs and expenses currently occurred up to the date of cancellation.

“Contract Amendments”

Any changes or additions to the contract must be made with the written consent of both the Client and Tenerife Wedding Planners using our Change Order form.

Verbal agreements will not be considered binding.


Tenerife Wedding Planners will not be held responsible for any acts of nature or other forces beyond their control that may affect the delivery and / or quality of the contracted services between Tenerife Wedding Planners and the ´Client´ or for the conduct or quality of the goods and services provided by third parties.

Tenerife Wedding Planners and third-party suppliers reserve the right to add, delete or otherwise amend their terms and conditions at any time as the owners or external market forces decide.

Any previous contract acceptance is deemed transferred to updated / revised terms and conditions where such update or vision is not detrimental to the original contract.

Where such updates or revisions may impact the original agreement, Tenerife Wedding Planners will notify the Client and any resultant cancellation or refund will be reviewed within the cancellation and refund terms referred to herein.

“Marketing Promotion”

Tenerife Wedding Planners may wish to share thoughts, ideas and photos on our blog or social networking sites. We request that any client that has objection to such marketing promotion should inform Tenerife Wedding Planners at their earliest opportunity.

We do not show images of children without permission of the parent.
We do not give out any personal details or contact details.

By booking with us and signing a contract or by way of payment of your deposit and/or fee you are agreeing to accept the above Terms and Conditions.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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