Marriage/Wedding Celebrants

THING TO COVER WITH YOUR WEDDING OFFICIATE in Tenerife (this might be a priest from a church or chapel, wedding celebrant, pastor or church minister)

They are here to listen to you. So meet them, or call or email any special things that you might want to have said during your ceremony. We also have celebrants and wedding officiates that are German and Spanish.

1. To receive several sample vows and poems for your service in Tenerife. May it be religious, semi religious, secular or any type of wedding or renewal of vow service you require.
2. Is an experienced wedding officiate available on your wedding day in Tenerife?
3. Is a back up wedding officiate available on your wedding day in Tenerife and you have the back up numbers?
4. If you don’t have a wedding ceremony location or venue in Tenerife yet can the wedding officiate suggest a location for you?
5. What are the fees for the wedding officiate and what does this include?
6. Do you have a preference to the officiate being male or female. (your first choice will always be adhered to but your back up cannot be specified in some cases)
7. If you require non-traditional wedding vows, to specify readings and music will your officiate do this. (please see note on religious and civil services)
8. If you would like a rehearsal then tell your officiate this. (this is not very common these days due to email technology but available should the couple require)
9. If you would like to invite the officiate to your wedding reception inform your officiate and inform your venue.

Your wedding or renewal of vows in Tenerife should be something personal to you. But there are a few things to consider and to discuss as a couple. The main thing is the type of ceremony that you require. Religious wedding ceremony, Semi Religious, Civil (no religious), Spiritual, Secular with or without religious content, Theme or another alternative. When you have decided the type of ceremony you want here in Tenerife please inform us straight away so that we can discuss with you who is the best person to conduct your ceremony and also let us know where your ceremony will be. Remember Catholic weddings (inside the Catholic Church and civil weddings (Inside the Town Hall or Courts) are legal in Tenerife. If you want your wedding ceremony outside by the beach, or inside a villa or hotel grounds YOU MUST undertake the legal service first inside the Catholic Church or Registry office in Tenerife or in your home country. We will put you directly in touch with who you need to deal with. Catholic weddings also you will be dealing direct with the priest as they speak English. 

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