What does a wedding planner do?
When couples get married in Tenerife or even their own country, in many cases their wedding day can be the most expensive day of their life. This is why many couples choose to come to Tenerife and marry overseas or abroad as the wedding party is smaller and there are many options to choose from.

In all cases the bride, groom or any couple will need some guidance, advice and maybe translating when spending this amount of money. When people buy houses or invest in something at all times they consult an expert for advice and help. A wedding planner is your expert so why not use an expert for the most important day of your life. Studies say that wedding planning a bride will spend from 100 hours to 250 hours organizing her wedding and coordinating everything. That’s nearly 6 weeks of full time work.

Ok so you know that you want to have your wedding in Tenerife, the next step is what to do next. Where to start, beach, hotels, restaurants, villas, hidden costs language barriers, getting value for money. The list is endless that goes round in a couples head over the planning. Hiring a wedding planner is exactly the same as having a personal secretary or personal assistant. They will actually save you valuable time and also wedding planners are NOT only for those couples with enormous budgets to spend. Experienced and qualified staff will be honest with you what you can receive for your budget. Your wedding planner in Tenerife will get you lots of free things and decoration that you would normally be charged for. In the end they will actually save you money by hiring them than doing it alone. Our methods are different in that you pay us to work directly for you. In the past we have got hotel managers, venue owners and even the local councils to change their policies, lower the prices so that we get what we want. We know that there might be things you have been dreaming about for your wedding abroad and you have no idea how to make it happen. We will make this happen.

If you are having a wedding in a different country from where you live or even if you don’t have the time, these are reasons to why you need a wedding planner in Tenerife. We have an extreme wealth of knowledge about weddings abroad, Tenerife laws, Tenerife beaches, Tenerife wedding venues, how to deal with last minute emergencies and we can negotiate contracts to get our clients the best deal. Remember we are working for you, we DO NOT take a commission from our suppliers or hotels or venues. This is why we always manage to get our clients the best options. We know all the professional suppliers and we know the hotels, the venues and the laws. We know what we can do and what people say they can’t. (in other words we always say they can’t be bothered). Wedding planners also provide you with ideas and also provide you with solutions to problems that you will not even have thought about. We know the venues and we know the good points, bad points and how to fix this. Your wedding planner will be your best friend by the end of your wedding. Even when hotel and venue staff change on a regular basis your wedding planner will not. Our company and our girls and boys are just a phone call away.

Ok so your still thinking. Here are some questions to ask yourself. These are important.

1. Am I in a position to deal with disagreements, language problems that will be arising over the planning period?
2. Do I have unlimited time to plan my wedding day in Tenerife, fly over several and to search hundreds of venues and find suppliers.
3. Is it possible for me to visit suppliers during the daytime during office opening times.
4. Am I comfortable to negotiate contracts (IN TENERIFE OVER THE PHONE) with caterers, photographers, car hire, florists, stationers, bakers, hairdressers, councils on planning (if outside or fireworks). An will I prepare myself a back up incase one of them is ill on the day.
5. Do I have a back up plan with suppliers and back up for last minute problems that may arise on the day of the wedding?
6. Do I want to just give my wedding to a hotel knowing that a min of 40% commission is added onto eveything they supply for weddings? 

Ok now time to relax a little. A wedding planner in Tenerife might seem like an extravagant extra, but it’s the best investment you make. Any good wedding planners will charge a flat fee, or fee per person or per hour. Not commission bases from vendors. This is very important WE ARE WORKING FOR YOU NOT THE SUPPLIERS.

Wedding planners in Tenerife and marriage and celebrant coordinators can cost as little as 250 Euros for small intimate events.. The cost depends on the size of your wedding, renewal of vows or blessing and how much work you actually want the wedding planner to do. Normal price idea for 25 people is around 500 euros coordination fee and 200 euros on the day staffing fee. Most weddings (apart from small weddings) pay us between 700 euros and 1400 euros for the whole coordination, planning and several staff on the day. The best saving we did on a wedding was in 2009 in which we saved the couple 3,970.00 euros. This was from negotiating, food, linen, photographer, flowers, transport, using our own equipment, balloons, ribbon, dresses and suit hire. The groom had lost his job and they contacted us to help them reduce the price of their wedding that they had reserved all inclusive.

Ok back to your wedding planner. Don’t forget that we will push for discounts, we will never force you into a decision. It’s your wedding you are in control. Don’t worry about photographers, florists, wedding celebrants or even the chefs. We have now the most outstanding team of staff in Tenerife. Our staff are the best back up, being photographers, qualified florists, chefs and one is also now a wedding celebrant. There is no other better qualified back up team than ourselves. We will be there on the day to oversee the whole event from supervising all the suppliers, deal with emergencies and allow your day to be the best ever.


To find the right suppliers and vendor for the most important day of your life - Your Wedding In Tenerife must be perfect. The people that work at the weddings, ceremonies and receptions are the key elements to ensure a successful wedding. Preparing is vital and your wedding planners will use their coordination skills to choose the vendors that suit not only the type of wedding you want but also to suit the type of person you are. For example, you want the singer or DJ to play the music you like. You want the photographer to plan on capturing every detail you want captured. It should reflect your style and personality and not just the normal traditional photos. Our photographers will never force you to pose in a style that you are uncomfortable with or your family. We will make sure you receive exactly what you want. There is an old saying that “you get what you pay for”. Today the whole world of weddings is saturated with information on wedding entertainment, wedding cakes, bridal flowers, wedding celebrants, vicars, priests, civil weddings, secular. The list is endless with many conflicting views. However here at Canaries Concierge we have been in operation since 1995 and we know the difference between good value and too cheap. Also not all expensive things are the best. We have done this hundreds of times, we match our best vendors with clients as we know the look and feel you want.


This is very important and no matter what your budget is, a few hundred or into thousands, we will show you how to make your budget last, we will use our skills to get you the best deal, our friends in the business and the fact that we have been organising weddings in Tenerife since 1995. Be realistic with what you have and we will show you totally and honestly what you can get for your budget.


Each bride always calls us to say sorry as they are on the phone 3 or 4 times a week together with minimum of 10 emails a week. It's over after years of doing this we have the courage to actually say this in print as now it's funny. Don't worry if you need to call us or want to talk or send us mail after mail after mail, we are used to it and remember it's your wedding so ask away.


Ok so we all agree and we know that planning your wedding is a lot of work. We know it can take up to 250 hours to plan so around 6 weeks full time. With Email, meetings, phone calls, checking, booking and re checking all the wedding plans. Families with disagreements when it's meant to be a happy time planning. Don't worry about this it's normal. The good news is that planning your wedding in Tenerife doesn't need to be so stressful. Your wedding planning with us will be fun.


During your wedding day you will have a great day and so will your guests as they enjoy the celebration. But remember your guests are there to enjoy the wedding, we will also control all staff and all suppliers and vendors on the day. Just give us your orders with gifts and all those little extra things you want on the day and we will get it done. Read our “on the day with a wedding planner” to fill yourself in with what we do and control on the day. Never worry about your wedding staff, your wedding celebrant in Tenerife or the vendors. We have thick skin and can deal with everything that arises.


This in our experience is a very important thing with all our weddings in Tenerife. Weddings are not just the couple, the parents or the friends and relatives attending the ceremony, but many marriages have children already and these children should be considered and included. Either physically as part of the wedding party or mentioned in the actual wedding ceremony so that they know they are not forgotten.


1. Remember we are experienced wedding planners and we can save you money, we know the weddings inside and out. We can do full coordination, ½ cooridination, on the day only, decorating, supplier referral for your DIY weddings.
2. Do you want to spend around 10 to 15 hours a week planning your wedding in Tenerife?
3. Do you want your very own private secretary at the end of a phone 24 hours a day?
4. Do you want your day to go perfect knowing a team of people have a back up plan and back up plan two and back up plan three.
5. Do you want to relax and enjoy knowing that we have your total interests at heart and that we will get you the best deal as if you where doing it alone?

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