It is legal for Catholics to be married in Spain. They can be from any country. Unlike several other European countries, the Spanish law recognizes Catholic marriages and there is no need for a second civil ceremony. There is a paperwork process to follow for catholics wishing to marry having a religious ceremony. Here at Tenerife Wedding Planners we will guide you through this process. Only one of your needs to be catholic for a religious service but neither of you can be divorced if you wish to marry having a religious Catholic Ceremony. All Catholic weddings we advise a min of 6 months for the paperwork before getting married in Tenerife. We have in the past organised and got paperwork quickly within 4 weeks but this is always dependant on circumstances. Here are a few things you will need for a Catholic Wedding. Baptismal Certificate - issue date to be issued between one and six months before the wedding date. This must also be authenticated by the Bishopric and officially translated. Certificate that both of you are free to marry. The church may also ask for a statement from parents. Each case is different. Apart from a few other documents like Birth Certificate etc it´s actually quite straight forward as we have done it now so many times.

Wedding Blessings performed by our very own wedding celebrants or registered pastors and priests are very common in Spain for marriages. This for all couples is 100% their wedding day as it allows you to have the ceremony of your dreams in a location of your dreams without having to be tied to inside churches or registry offices. Once you have done your legal marriage which most people do in their own country of residence then we only need a copy of this certificate. We also need a copy of your birth certificates and passports and then we can present our forms (after we have done our checks that we do) we present our certificate to the wedding priest of pastor or wedding celebrant and we can conduct your perfect wedding day. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Ourselves and one other wedding planning company are the only company that ask for this information as we work in a completely different way from others as we are the company that supply wedding celebrants all over the island.

The perfect thing about your wedding blessing or your symbolic service for getting married in Tenerife is we can supply you with over 100 different services and poems and we will create with you or you can create directly with the wedding celebrant "that perfect wedding service which is personal to you both". Many couples do not inform their friends and family that it is a wedding blessing as the wording on the day, the signing of our register and certificates is exactly the same if not better than your typical wedding.

All non catholic weddings must be performed by the civil registry in order to get married in Tenerife. All non catholics who are resident in Spain (English, Dutch, Spanish, German etc etc) have a civil service in the town hall then go onto have their wedding blessing in their dream location. The law for non-residents to marry in Spain keeps changing from that residency is not needed to that only a short term registered residence is needed. Paperwork that is needed is, Birth Certificates (officially translated & apostilled if not in Spanish), Application form to marry, Certificate of freedom to marry, Certificate of residence of the couple at present, Posting of Banns. If divorced or widowed all certificates needed also.

Weddings in Spain for same sex partners are legal in Spain. They follow the same rules as a Civil Marriage. Tenerife Wedding Planners same sex marriages have grown in the last few years with many couples living their dream. Tenerife Wedding Planners can provide you with even only the wedding celebrant if you wish to organise your own private ceremony at home or in your garden. It is very popular with gay weddings for the couple to have the legal service in their own country due to quickness and costs. Then this makes the possibility for our wedding celebrant to design exactly your very own service, with your words, your vows your dreams. Our wedding celebrant with work with you and deliver you all those words that you have always wanted to say to each other in front of your family and friends.

Many couples choose these types of ceremonies and some of them are very small personal moments with only a few people overlooking the ocean and others are very much like a normal wedding. These are not legally binding but they are conducted and chosen by the couple to publically or personally affirm their commitments to each other. These services are chosen by straight couples, some who have children, who have been together for a long time but do not want to be legally bound in marriage. Also same sex couples that do not want to be bound legally in marriage. The perfect thing about these type of services is that they are personal, religious or not and there is no formal rules to follow. Our own wedding and marriage officiant/ celebrant will work with you creating this service.

As the only company that to date does these services makes us very proud. Many partners want to present the ring to their boyfriend or girlfriend in the most special way. We taylor make these presentations which form part of the commitment words and it´s the most romantic way to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to marry you. We hold these in the most amazing places your dreams can imagine, at sea, in the mountains on a go kart on a horse. So take the plung and never look back.


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