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Tenerife wedding planners are the original and OFFICIAL wedding planners in Tenerife. Tenerife Wedding Planners was created putting several organisations together to create your number one site for weddings, blessings and renewal of vows here in Tenerife Canary Islands.  Getting married in Tenerifeis an exciting day and the process building up to it can be stressful for many couples.  Tenerife wedding planners are not associated with other online sources that use the name Tenerife Wedding Planners.  Our team who are worldwide experienced  are now the longest in the events business, now over 25 years.  We must be doing something right :)  We plan weddings, events, surprise marriage proposals, stag & hen (in our own nightclub) and our partners who we work close with organise the hire or decoration, marquees, sound equipment, entertainment and much much more.

Weddings, blessings and renewal of vows in Tenerife with our wedding planners can be exactly what you want. We can provide your traditional church weddings or civil wedding service or you can go for a replica chapel in luxurious hotel grounds. Or maybe your ideal wedding ceremony is standing on the sand, or in hotel grounds or gardens.  Maybe you would like to take over the beach promenade and built the perfect ceremony location and walk up the red carpet. Whatever you dream wedding, blessing or renewal of vow location, our wedding organizers in Tenerife can make it happen.

Wedding in Tenerife with Tenerife Wedding Planners, can be organised a variety of ways. Our packages and tailor made options make your wedding planning totally flexible and easy to manage. After organizing hundreds of weddings and different events we know exactly how to deliver your needs and we have the knowledge to provide you with a wedding in Tenerife that make your dreams come true. We will look after you, your guests, the decoration, the food the entertainment and all the little things. This is why we are one of Tenerife´s second longest running wedding and event planning company.

You might choose to have a traditional rustic style wedding, blessing or renewal of vows or you might want the ultimate 5 star princess style wedding in luxury 5 star hotels. The options are endless here in Tenerife to get married as we have so many beautiful locations. We have organised weddings for as little as 250 euros for a couple for the wedding service, to grand events costing over 10,000 euros. As a client our number one priority is to make sure you have your dream wedding even if you have limited funds or no expense spared.

1Tenerife wedding planners give you the opportunity to build your own wedding package from scratch with or without our assistance.  We understand that many brides and grooms like to organise their own weddings.  Overseas weddings and weddings abroad can make this difficult if you are not in the same country or speak the language. But if you are determined to organise your own wedding - Tenerife Wedding Planners will give you the direct suppliers so that you can build and create your own wedding day personally.

We have our own registered wedding celebrants also, back up supply of wedding dresses and a creative team behind us who are tranied professionals in weddings, renewal of vows and blessings.. All photos in our wedding album are printed with permission from our guests. Tenerife Wedding Planners are Tenerife´s premier wedding consultants and event managers and our aim is to make your dreams come true. You will receive the 5 star treatment whether it´s a small wedding, blessing or renewal of vows or if it is a large event. Tenerife has sunshine 12 months of the year and that is why it is the chosen location for ceremonies. Our priests, ministers, wedding celebrants and pastors work all year round delivering wedding, blessings and renewal of vow services. Tenerife is in abundance of wedding locations. Get married in the church, chapels, hotel grounds, yachts, the beach, in the mountains or lush tropical gardens in private villas. The list is endless for you to choose that perfect wedding, blessing or renewal of vows location. Tenerife is the ideal place to get married as it is suited to all budgets large or small. We will take care of everything for you to get married and all you need to do is arrange your flights. We organise everything direct with the suppliers and you pay them. Wedding hairdressers, wedding make up, wedding photographers, wedding caterers, wedding entertainment, wedding cars. The list is endless but here at Tenerife Wedding Planners we do it all.

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